Reprimanded for not Meeting IEP Goals?

A general education teacher that has kids with IEPs in her class is  a contributing author and she provided this response.

I checked with my principal and a teacher can not be reprimanded by their principal for a student not meeting an annual goal on their Individual Education Program (IEP).  Hopefully, the goals on the IEP are appropriate and are aligned with the student’s needs.  I believe general education teachers, ESE teachers, and the rest of the IEP team spend a great deal of time and consideration on what the IEP goals should be, teaching towards mastery of the IEP goal, and measuring them consistently to monitor the progress throughout the year.

Since an IEP is a work in progress, administration can not penalize teachers if a student is not meeting their IEP annual goal.  As the year progresses, teachers monitor the student’s progress and find various ways to teach the goals.  Once the IEP team meets to evaluate the year’s goals and rewrite the IEP for the next year, their progress is discussed.  If the goals have not been met, they can be continued or rewritten to better suite the child’s needs.  If the goals have been met and are mastered, then the team discusses what new goals are appropriate and write them into the new IEP.  It is the goal of the IEP team to write annual goals that will benefit the student as well as meet standards set up by the state, whether that be regular goals or IEP goals.

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