RTI – Response to Intervention Review

RtI was implemented in 2010

Consists of 3 tiers, after the 3rd tier your child should be considered for ESE services.

School can evaluate and continue to collect RtI data simultaneously.

Each tier should only be 6-8 weeks of data collection before a child is moved to another tier, if interventions are not working.

Tier 1:
– Approx. 80% of students
– targets all students who are below grade level
– Interventions include: guided reading, peer tutoring, modified homework assignments, daily reviews, guided practice, independent practice, and memorization

Tier 2:
-Approx. 15% of students
– These interventions target students who are a year or more behind grade level
– Interventions include: still receive Tier 1 interventions, progress monitoring, attend after-school program, small group tutoring sessions and additional time in the computer or reading centers

Tier 3:
Individualized, intensive interventions that target the students skill deficits for the remediation of existing problems and the prevention of more severe problems
Approx. – 5% of students
Interventions include: Still receive in-class Tier 1 interventions, may also go to Tier II after school program, if students do not already have an IEP, may begin the IEP process

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