Problem Getting an IEP


If I have a problem with getting an IEP at my child’s school, will you step in to help me?

A parent can ask for an IEP review at any time and not just wait until the anniversary date. The first step is to call your child’s school Guidance Counselor and discuss the need for the review. Ask them to set it up as quickly as possible. If for some reason, they tell you no or it will be a while, call the Principal at the school. For instance, all schools in Florida are school-based managed.

That means that the Principal is the manager of all the staff and all the procedures. However, by all means, if for some reason, you cannot get an IEP meeting scheduled, call the Director. Give him or her the information; include your child’s name, grade, school, teacher’s name and exceptionality. Tell them the reason for the meeting and ask them for assistance. The director will then call the Principal and discuss the situation. I’m sure that there will not be a problem setting up the meeting.