Transition Goals

IEP objectives are short-term steps towards meeting your child’s IEP goal.  If your child has an IEP goal then there are usually two or more objectives or short-term toward meeting the goal.  These IEP objectives come from real IEPs.  You can find more IEP objectives here.

  1. Student will take and pass all requirements for acquisition for her Florida Driver’s License with 80% accuracy.
  2. Student will learn banking skills in order to maintain a checking and/or savings account 1 out of 5 times.
  3. Student will learn and apply physical fitness and hygiene skills in order to live independently 4 out of 5 assignments with a 70% or higher.
  4. Student will meet with career counselor to discuss college opportunities 2 times a year.
  5. Student will get a driving manual from DMV and study 3 out of 5 days.
  6. Student will meet with career counselor to research post school education options and financial aid ____ out of ___ opportunities.
  7. Student will get her driver’s license with an 80% on the test.
  8. Student will create class selections based on interest and aptitudes.
  9. Student will participate in standardized testing needed for college enrollment 4 out of 5 performances.
  10. Student will meet with guidance to discuss academic requirements of pursuing a degree__ out of __ times.
  11. Student will complete an application for school or employment with 90% accuracy of information and completeness.
  12. Student will describe appropriate attire for various work environments (outside, inside, office, massage office, medial office, school,etc.) with 90% accuracy.
  13. Student will visit the career center to identify the colleges that offer the career she wishes to pursue.
  14. Student will explain educational rights outlined on the IEP with 75% accuracy.
  15. Student will complete online skills assessment and career survey daily.