Reading IEP Objectives- Passage Reading

IEP objectives are substeps towards meeting your child’s IEP goal.  If your child has an IEP goal then there are usually two or more objectives or substeps toward meeting the goal.  These IEP objectives come from real IEPs.  You can find more IEP objectives here.

  1. Student will read a 4th grade passage orally at a fluency of 24 WPM 3 out of 5 attempts.
  2. Student will read or sign a passage, making errors on fewer than 20% of the words with 80% correct from each passage.
  3. Student will read a 3rd grade passage at 110 WPM.
  4. Student reads a third grade text at a target rate of 120 WPM by year end benchmark with 100% mastery.
  5. Student will orally read a 1st grade passage at 40 words per minute.
  6. During a guided reading assignment, student will point to the correct page and paragraph the class is reading at the time asked 4 out of 5 trials.
  7. Student will read 60-65 WPM with fewer than three errors 3 out of 5 tries.
  8. Student will read a 2nd/3rd grade selection at 80 WPM with no more than 3 errors with 70% accuracy.