Motor Skills Development

IEP objectives are short-term steps towards meeting your child’s IEP goal.  If your child has an IEP goal then there are usually two or more objectives or short-term toward meeting the goal.  These IEP objectives come from real IEPs.  You can find more IEP objectives here.

  1. Student will increase grasp for objects by holding a toy placed into his hand for 15 seconds or greater.
  2. Student will cut out 3 “circle, staying with ¼” of the line 3 out of 4 times.
  3. Student will imitate building a cube train and a bridge given minimal assistance on the bridge 3 out of 4 trials.
  4. Student will copy basic dot to dot pictures with diagonals 3 out of 4 trials.
  5. Student will demonstrate functional in hand manipulative with her right hand to shift coin from palm to hand to fingertips after demonstration is given __ out of __ times.
  6. Student will maintain ability to tolerate active assistive range of motion L shoulder and elbow/passive range of motion L hand10 reps/joint/daily.
  7. Student will place 6 small pegs into pegboard using fingertips __ out of __ trials.
  8. In prone position, student will lift arms and chest 10 times to increase back strength so he can improve upright position in classroom chair with 80% mastery.
  9. Student will increase muscular strength and endurance by performing 3X 10 sit ups with 80% mastery.
  10. With physical prompt, student will grossly read for and make contact with presented switch to make a choice of object, activity, food 4 out of 6 trials with 70% mastery.
  11. Student will fold a piece of paper and insert into an envelope with 20% accuracy.
  12. Upon request, student will imitate a motor action with an object for 10 actions with 100% accuracy.