Math IEP Objectives – Algebraic Equations & Expressions

Student will solve algebraic equations and maintain/increase math domain on CRCT by 10%.
Algebra: Student simplifies and evaluates algebraic expressions and increases/maintains math domain on CRCT by 10%.
Student will solve multi-step algebraic expressions 5 out of 7 times.
Given a 6th grade math problem, student will accurately solve for unknown variable 3 of 5 times.
Student will use factoring to solve a quadratic equation with a 70% or higher on FCAT assessments.
Student will find the mid point of a line with 70% mastery.
Student will determine the correct formula to solve the equation and inequalities 70% accuracy on 3 of 5 assignments.
Student will solve equations with one unknown variable involving addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division of whole numbers 4 of 5 times.
Student will apply formulas and operations to multi step real world problems 4 of 5 times with 80% accuracy.

IEP objectives are specific, measurable steps that the student will work on to help them achieve their IEP Goals.
At least 2 Objectives should be written under each IEP Goal.
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