Work Independently IEP Goals

The following statements are examples of IEP Goals for helping a child to work independently and in groups.

Working Independently:

  • Student will work independently on a task for at least 10 minutes on 3 out of 5 tasks.
  • Student will utilize independent functioning skills which allow her to be successful in her classes by earning grades of 85% or higher on her quarterly report card.
  • By the end of the year, student will become more productive independently or in groups by completing tasks within specified time frame 6 out of 10 times.
  • By the end of the school year, student will work in a group or independently and start tasks within two minutes of provided instruction during 4 out of 5 assignments.
  • Student will participate in all classroom activities with age appropriate independence 3 out of 5 trials.


An IEP Goal is a statement of what the IEP team hopes to accomplish in a given year for a given domain or area of instruction.  IEP Goals are broader than IEP Objectives.  IEP Objectives are specific, measurable steps that the student will work on to help them achieve their IEP Goals.

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