IEP Goals Database

What are IEP Goals?

IEP Goals are developed by an IEP team and represent what the parents, teachers, and other professionals think a child can accomplish academically, developmentally, and functionally in his or her area of disability. These annual goals should be written to be measurable, so that the student’s progress can be evaluated.


Goals should be specific to the areas of need indicated by the child’s current performance level. Give priority to developing measurable goals for the areas of focus that need the most improvement. Our sample IEP goals can help you plan goals based on basic reading comprehension, writing skills, math calculation, social interaction, and more, so you can create an ideal Individualized Education Plan. Once you have written your IEP goals, you can work on the steps for IEP Objectives.

Curriculum and Learning Environment Goals

Social and Emotional Behavior IEP Goals

Independent Functioning Goals

Communication IEP Goals

Math IEP Goals

Reading IEP Goals

Writing IEP Goals

Miscellaneous Goals