IEP Goals & IEP Objectives

IEP Goals and Objectives

IEP Goals

An IEP Goal is a statement of what the IEP team hopes to accomplish in a given year for a given domain or area of instruction.

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IEP Objectives

IEP Objectives are specific, measurable steps that the student will work on to help them achieve their IEP Goals.

At least 2 Objectives should be written under each IEP Goal.

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About IEP Goals and Objectives is dedicated to helping parents, teachers, and professionals be prepared for writing a great IEP. We offer samples of IEP Goals and Objectives so you can see real world examples for planning an IEP to improve skill levels for a child with Autism or other learning disabilities.

IEP Goals and Objectives can focus on steps to make progress in a variety of areas including learning environment, social behavior skills, communication, mathematics, reading comprehension, writing abilities, daily independent living skills, and more.