IEP Meeting Steps

IEP Meeting Steps

 Do you have an IEP meeting coming up? If so make sure your IEP team follows these steps. An IEP meeting is performed in STEPS. You can not proceed to the next STEP before completing the STEP before. IEP Meeting STEP … Continue reading

RTI – Response to Intervention Review

RtI was just implemented in 2010 Consists of 3 tiers, after the 3rd tier your child should be considered for ESE services. School can evaluate and continue to collect RtI data simultaneously. Each tier should only be 6-8 weeks of … Continue reading

Discipline – Suspensions and Expulsions with an IEP

The law states explicitly that a free appropriate public education (FAPE) must be available to all children with disabilities. “Including children with disabilities who have been suspended or expelled from school”. (20U.S.C. §1412(a)(1)(A). There are certain behaviors for which a … Continue reading