The IEP and College

How long is my child’s IEP kept on file after he/she graduates?  Ddoes the IEP follow him to college?

The Individual Educational Plan that your child has does not follow them to college.  The IEP is a requirement for students with disabilities enrolled in public schools until they graduate with a standard diploma or age out at age 22.  However, a student with a disability may qualify for services at a college or university.  It is their responsibility to report to the college’s Office of Disability Services and complete the application for assistance.  The best way to start is to have a copy of the last High school IEP and psychological testing report.  Bring these to the Office of Disability Services so they can review them and decide what special accommodations you are eligible to receive.  Colleges and Universities have services such as note takers, tutoring and mentors to assist the student in college.  There is a great guide to Colleges and Universities by Petersen’s that you can buy from most bookstores.

Counties have different record retention policies.  Psychological and IEP forms must be kept for at least five years after graduation before they can be destroyed.  The county must attempt to notify the person that they will be shredded and give them time to pick them up.  The safest thing to do would be to be sure you always get copies of your records.