Do IEPs Prevent Kids from Being Retained?

A friend told me that if my child gets an IEP then they do not have to worry about being held back because kids with IEPs meet different standards. Is she right?

No, your friend is not correct and kids with IEPs can be retained.  Our children with disabilities must meet certain standards just like everyone else.  The state law says that if a child in the third grade doesn’t meet proficiency level for promotion no matter if they are ESE or not, they must be retained and taught using different curricula.

The only caveat here is if the child has had an IEP and received intensive assistance in reading or math may be given a Good cause exemption.  As the student enters middle school, he or she must pass 5 of 6 courses following mandated Middle School academic requirements.  A student in grades 9-12 must pass the course they are enrolled in to receive credit.  The County Student Progression Plan will indicate how many credits are needed to move to the next grade in High School.  If retention becomes an issue, the school should hold an IEP meeting to determine if the student is receiving all the services they need in order to pass the grade.