How to Get Your First IEP

Your child’s first Individual Educational Program (IEP) comes from the initial eligibility and placement into a Special Education program.  You should have made the formal written request for a meeting to discuss your child’s needs.    The committee will decide if your child needs to start the Response to Intervention process.

A Staffing committee usually made up of the school psychologist, general education teacher, special education teacher, guidance counselor and the parent will review response-to-intervention data, possible psycho-educational testing information, academic work and school history and determine eligibility.  If found eligible and you as the parent decide to placement then the team will discuss services that will assist your child in receiving a free and appropriate public education.

The ESE teacher may have been given all the information ahead of the meeting and may have drafted an IEP.  He or She will then review the plan.  The team will then discuss whether there are goals, objective, services and accommodations that need to be added or changed.  The plan is completed and signed.  Although the plan is valid for one calendar year, you may always request a review of you feel it’s not meeting the needs of your child.