504 Accommodations for Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette's Syndrome


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504 Accommodations for Tourette’s Syndrome

  • Provide student with a means of catching up on missed lessons
  • Pair with a fellow student for study if indicated
  • Educate other students about associated outbursts/gestures/tics
  • Arrange for frequent parental interaction if indicated
  • Monitor administration/side effects of medication
  • Implement a behavior management program if indicated; cue student about inappropriate behaviors
  • Provide supervision for transition activities, during periods of “acting out”
  • Provide alternative/larger workspace or appropriate space for the child to act out if indicated
  • Teach compensatory strategies
  • Adapt assignments if indicated
  • Provide peer/teacher inservice with parent/student permission
  • Provide postsecondary or vocational transition planning