504 Accommodations for General Behavioral Issues

SeeMyIEP.com had come up with a list of 504 Accommodations for General Behavioral Issues.


  • Train for proper dispensing of medications; monitor and/or distribute medications; monitor for side effects

  • Maintain weekly/daily journals for selfrecording of behavior

  • Establish homeschool communication system

  • Schedule periodic meetings with home and treatment specialists

  • Provide carryover of treatment plans into school environment

  • Assist with interagency referrals

  • Utilize behavior management programs

  • Develop contracts for student behavior

  • Post rules for classroom behaviors; teach expectations

  • Provide counseling, social skills instruction

  • Reinforce replacement behaviors

  • Educate other students/staff/school personnel

  • Foster carryover of treatment plans to home environment

  • Reinforce positive behavior

  • Schedule shorter study/work periods according to attention span capabilities

  • Be consistent in setting expectations and following up on reinforcements/consequences

  • Provide postsecondary or vocational transition planning