504 Accommodations for Bipolar Disorder or Mood Disorder


504 Accommodations for Bipolar

SeeMyIEP.com has come up with a list of 504 Accommodations for Bipolar Disorder


  • Break down assignments into manageable parts with clear and simple directions, given one at a time.

  • Plan advanced preparation for transitions.

  • Monitor clarity of understanding and alertness.

  • Allow most difficult subjects at times when student is most alert.

  • Provide extra time on tests, class work, and homework if needed.

  • Strategies in place for unpredictable mood swings.

  • Provide appropriate staff with training on bipolar disorder.

  • Create awareness by staff of potential victimization from other students.

  • Implement a crisis intervention plan for extreme cases where student gets out of control and may do something impulsive or dangerous.

  • Provide positive praise and redirection.

  • Report any suicidal comments to counselor/psychologist immediately.

  • Consider home instruction for times when the student’s mood disorder makes it impossible for him to attend school for an extended period.